Resin transfer moulding

The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process is a resin injection process and is mainly used to manufacture fibre composite components. The tool, which is divided into two sections (upper and lower moulds), contains a preform of the component due to be manufactured made of reinforcing fibres. This is impregnated by injection with a medium consisting of two components (resin and hardener).

Information about the RTM-ROBOT®-process on detail:


We accompany our customers starting from the development of a component and the preparation of a specifications sheet. If required we can also assume responsibility for project management and for implementing every aspect of the project from A to Z.  

Overview of services:

  • Design and calcuation
  • Design and development of:
    - structural components and modules
    - composite components in general
  • Design approach specifically taking into account the materials used
  • Tool design
  • Component optimisation

Processes and automation

We develop the entire manufacturing process individually for the specific product. We develop and create the entire production line and install it at the planned production site.

Overview of services:

  • Planning/layout  
  • Process development
  • Automation technology
  • Handling concepts
  • Commissioning and training


Professional project management

Right from the initial project outline and the preparation of a specifications sheet, we can also assume responsibility for project management and we ensure that there is smooth coordination and professional communication between all the project partners involved.  

Overview of services:

  • Professional Project Management

  • Coordination and communication

  • Controlling


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